orchard wool sweater

Remember the orchard wool sweater? It's done. In fact, it's been 99% done for about a month now, and today I finally sewed on the last three buttons and hid the ends so I could call it a finished object.

(I really need to learn how to take good self-portraits with a tripod and a timer because I hate asking Stuart to take pictures of me. He doesn't complain about it, but I just feel like a giant dork when I pose for someone else.)

Pattern: Garter Yoke Cardigan from the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Knit.1 magazine
Yarn: nearly black wool, the natural color of Black Welsh Mountain sheep, raised with care at Door Creek Orchard just outside Madison.

Overall, I'm pleased with how this turned out. I think the fit is flattering, and the pattern is fairly well-written, except for one detail: there are no extra stitches cast on at the underarms, which makes the sides of the sweater pull and pucker in a weird way when I raise my arms. I think that is a design flaw. And the yarn...well, to be honest it's a little scratchy and rough. It's not itchy, exactly, but scratchy, and I think there is a difference: rough wool is scratchy, alpaca and mohair are - for me - itchy. A long soak in wool wash didn't really help, either. I don't regret buying it, or knitting the sweater with it, considering its local origins, and in some ways I'm a rustic kind of gal myself. This is the sort of sweater that I will wear when it is really cold, because the scratch won't bother me then, and besides, this is very warm wool. I don't think I'll wear it much this spring because it is so warm, and the color is so drab and un-springlike. It's perfect for gloomy winter days, though.


Dee said…
The sweater looks great! I bet it will be really functional. I like the color, but I love dark gray. You could wear a bright colored shirt for the spring.

Dee Anna
Mrs. Allroro said…
I was going to say the same thing--perfect to wear over a bright long sleeve shirt--no scratchy and no drab. :-)
Caffeine Girl said…
The sweater came out beautiful. I like the color. It has a nice rustic look.

And I, too, hate posing for pictures. I feel like a total idiot!
gay said…
i love the color it will be so wearable all winter and with everything. all sweaters are not meant to be worn all the time but this looks perfect for winter. btw i hung my first laundry on the line this past week too so i am welcoming spring we can wear sweaters next winter! yay for warm!

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