Lately, Daniel has developed an interest in those warning signs you see on those poles that support electric wires. And by "developed an interest," I mean he points out every single one he sees when we're out on a walk or driving somewhere. I didn't know until he developed this interest in warning signs just how many there are, but dude, they are everywhere! This is the one in the back of our property:

We often have this conversation:
D - Mom! Mom! I see a warning sign!
Me - Yup, I see it, too.
D - It says 'Don't touch the wire or you might break your hand!
' (This is how he interprets the picture of the hand receiving an electric shock, I suppose.)
Me - That would be unfortunate, huh?
D - Yeah, what would happen if you break your hand?
Me - There's a lot of stuff you couldn't do.
D - Like climb! And knit!

Yes, Daniel has decided that the worst consequences of an injured hand are that one could neither climb nor knit. He climbs everything all the time (with surprising agility; he rarely falls...I should consider enrolling him in a gymnastics class somewhere), and I knit as much as I can. Ergo, those are the things we would miss the most. I haven't bothered to explain to him what that symbol actually means. How do you explain electrocution to a 4yo without either scaring the pants off him?

And it would surely be a shame if I couldn't knit, because I wouldn't have gotten this far with the Equinox Raglan:

So far it fits beautifully. As long as there is no major change with blocking (I'm taking a gamble there, I know), this will be a very nice sweater when it's done. I just finished the waist shaping, so it's smooth sailing from here on out, just knitknitknitknitknit until it's long enough. Anya is taking a rare and long nap right now, so I think I'll go do just that.


Anonymous said…
I love the dialog between you and Daniel. It totally looks like a broken hand on the sign. Observations like that make me look forward to having kids. I'd probably explain electrocution in terms of getting hit by lightning, but I don't know if that is too scary.

The Equinox (take 2) looks great.

Did you see that Barbara Kingsolver wrote a feature article in the April issue of National Geographic?


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