the problems

Anya is asleep, Daniel and Stuart are out for what is probably the last sledding excursion of the season, and what have I been doing with the last half hour? Squat, that's what. I've been puttering, wandering around the house trying to decide what I should do with these precious moments of quiet. This is time I should by all right be using to relax and do my own thing, but alas, I can't.

I think the problem is twofold. First of all, since I spend most of my time at home and am thus in charge of dealing with nearly all the housework, I find it impossible to relax when something isn't done. And there's always something not done: a floor to sweep, dishes to wash, food to prepare, laundry to wash or dry or fold or put away, clutter to pick up, junk mail to be sorted. I am incapable of sitting on the couch and knitting when I am surrounded by chores.

The second problem is one of over-stimulation.

(Rats. Anya just woke up. So much for the free time. At least I can buy a few more minutes if I let her nurse while I'm sitting here.)

Anyway, I was saying....over-stimulation. With spring just around the corner, I am feeling renewed creative energy, but I have so many potential projects I just don't know where to start. I know I mentioned this recently, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself here. Most of the time I'm happy to have a sizable yarn stash, plus a modest stash of other crafting supplies (like fabric), because I find it inspiring and fun to look through what's there and dream of all the possibilities and potential. But days like today, it is too much. Should I knit the neckwarmer I really wanted a month ago, even though it's going to be too warm for alpaca by the time I finish it? Start a wool sweater? Start a sweater for spring? Sew a skirt? Knit some socks for Daniel that he requested a few weeks back? Alas, the fun projects are impractical, and the practical projects would be boring (I guess that's a third problem, if you think about it.)

While I am more or less paralyzed by indecision, I can at least finish up a couple dangling WIPs and crank out a few easy baby gifts. Take these hats for instance:

They are for this little guy. I don't swatch for hats, so the first one (on the left) came out a little big, probably could fit a 1yo. There was plenty of yarn left, so I cast on 8 fewer stitches and made the second (on the right). I don't really remember how big newborn hats are, but I do know they grow out of them so quickly, it almost doesn't matter. I just hope it fits this spring before the weather warms up for real. (If this year is anything like last year, that will be around mid-June.)

Pattern: None, just a simple st st hat in the round with stripes and an i-cord topknot. Hat #1 I cast on 72 sttiches and hat #2 I cast on 64. I measured the gauge later and it was about 4.5 spi.
Yarn: Spud and Chlöe Sweater, a superwash wool/organic cotton blend that is fabulously soft and thankfully available at an LYS pretty close to me. I envision more of this yarn in my future (in fact, Daniel has just asked me for another green sweater...)
Made for: Gabe the new babe, who met his adoptive parents a few hours after he was born this past Sunday.

So what do I do? I know at least a dozen or so people read this blog pretty regularly, so I'm asking for your input: what should Susan make next? I'm always changing my mind, so I may or may not go with majority decision, but I will certainly consider your suggestions!!


Caffeine Girl said…
I don't know if this is going to help, but I think you should chose the project that you want to do because it's fun. As a mother of two little ones, most of your life is devoted to taking care of other people Crafting should be one thing you do for yourself!
Jessi said…
Well, I am still enamored of fair isle, but why don't you do something bright and pretty for spring. To get you in the mood.
Not only should you pick something fun, bright and springlike, you should pick something for you. Not your kids or husband, not the new baby down the street. You. Something that will make you feel pretty and special. Something just for you. You do plenty for others. I think it's time you make something cheerful for yourself. ;-)

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