close enough

It doesn't quite feel like spring, not quite. There is still a chill in the air, a few tenacious piles of snow lurking in the shadows, morning frost on the grass. But today, not-quite spring was close enough. The kids and I went to the zoo...

...and the park next to the zoo...

We ate lunch outside...

...and when we came home I hung up the laundry outside for the first time this year.

We ran around and played in the sandbox and blew bubbles and threw a tennis ball back and forth. I think Daniel and Anya outside the entire day, except for about an hour after lunch while Anya napped and I made him sit on the couch and watch a little TV so he could have some quiet time before going to the park with a sitter. (That's my piano practice time; I have a couple recording sessions next week, so those hours of practice are pretty crucial right now.)

I managed to sneak in some knitting, too:

My second try at the equinox raglan is going much better. A few extra rounds between the last increases seems to have done the trick, and for now, all is going smoothly. I know that looks pretty much the same as before, only without sleeves, but you'll just have to trust me that it's better. I hope I finish it before the weather is too warm to wear it...but who am I kidding? This is Wisconsin! We could have snow yet this year.


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