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brain dump

What a crazy, messed-up world we live in, yeah? I'm close to rounding off my fourth decade on this planet and I'm not sure I remember this much terribleness  happening in such a short time, globally speaking. But then, I was born after Vietnam, so maybe the insanity of the human race is just inevitable. 
I tell you what's hard about this is raising kids in the middle of it. In many ways our family is protected from the worst of what's happening in America. We're white. We have health insurance. We don't live in a place at risk for hurricanes or wild fires (just the occasional tornado, and there was one across town last week...). 
But I talk to my children about what's happening in the world and in our country because I want them to understand why it matters to us. They are insulated but I refuse to let them be ignorant. When my son was in kindergarten and noted that all the kids with dark skin get hot lunch every day, we had a frank discussion about poverty a…

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