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About those sweaters...

I'm messing around with the templates in Blogger (I know, I know. Blogger is SO mid-2000s, but whatever. I'm set in my ways.) Let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Should yo care to check out the blogs I follow you have to go to the drop-down menu on the upper left. Also, I took down all the finished posts by year, though they're still archived so I easily put them back up. This blog dates back to 2006 (!!!), so that link list was really long and rather unwieldy. I'm not sure anyone was clicking those links other than me, when I wanted to link back to an older post.
Anyhoo, as promised, here are some more details on those sweaters I knit for my niece. Both patterns are from Tin Can Knits, a design duo I just adore. Their patterns are fresh, timeless, and sized for EVERYONE - newborn baby through 4XL adult. This is very good news for anyone wishing to make matchy-matchy sweaters for the whole family (not that I'm planning to any time soon) or, as…

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