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knitting in Norway

I've been so sporadic about blogging lately that I didn't mention we were taking this huge trip. Yes, for the past 10 days, my family and I have been in Norway. First we were in Oslo for a couple days walking off jet lag and taking in the sights, and then we drove up to the mountains to do some hiking in a couple of the national parks, and now we're back in Oslo for about 48 hours before flying home. 

In some ways it feels like we can't get enough of the perpetual daylight here, and the stunning views. Like our last big trip (two years ago we spent 10 days in Scotland), I'll be sad to return to hot, muggy, buggy Wisconsin and the work I have waiting for me (I thought I was taking the summer off, but I've got gigs to prepare for right away). 

Scroll down for some photos. Click over to my other blog (which I update even less frequently!) for more from the first few days of the trip. 

And meanwhile, I've had a good bit of knitting time. We've spent our days w…

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