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adobe can go kiss my @$$

I had the pleasure of test knitting a new shawl for Thea last month. (Earl Grey Martini - go buy it here!) It's such a lovely design, full of garter stitch and some short rows, plus an easy lace edging. Here's a selfie I snapped for IG:

Not bad. 

I used Brooklyn Tweed Loft, by the way, just over 2 skeins. (I bought 5. What shall I do with the rest? Suggestions welcome.)

But I wanted some better pictures. It's been a few months (!!) since I had a good photo session for any of my FOs, which is something I really need to remedy soon. But I had a bit of down time this afternoon during the 3 minutes in which there was some natural light inside, so I took a few photos, which involved some physical contortions and messing around with the camera timer. I got a few that were mediocre but don't show the shawl very well, and several accidental pictures of my butt. 

Alas, the photo editing software I use is apparently incompatible with the new Apple OS. By "incompatible" I m…

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