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Gossamer for Her

One of the most knit-worthy people in my life is my daughter, Anya. She is 9 and loves wearing stuff I've mad

That is, as long as said handmade items are made to her specifications. And while I know her pretty well (obviously), and I know what she doesn't like (pink, purple, frills of any kind), I'm not always so good at guessing what she'll want to wear. 

Anyway, a couple of months ago I asked Anya if she'd like me to make her another sweater, since she is fast growing out of the last two I've made her (here and here, if you'd like a reminder), and of course she said yes. I thought she might want a blue cardigan, or something with stripes, or possibly a hood. I was completely wrong. When I asked what she wanted, she replied "A white sweater with cables. Not a cardigan this time."

And so that's what I made her. May I introduce you to Anya's latest handmade sweater: 

The pattern is Gossamer For Her by Pelykh Natalie

The sweater is knit in one …

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