adobe can go kiss my @$$

I had the pleasure of test knitting a new shawl for Thea last month. (Earl Grey Martini - go buy it here!) It's such a lovely design, full of garter stitch and some short rows, plus an easy lace edging. Here's a selfie I snapped for IG:

Not bad. 

I used Brooklyn Tweed Loft, by the way, just over 2 skeins. (I bought 5. What shall I do with the rest? Suggestions welcome.)

But I wanted some better pictures. It's been a few months (!!) since I had a good photo session for any of my FOs, which is something I really need to remedy soon. But I had a bit of down time this afternoon during the 3 minutes in which there was some natural light inside, so I took a few photos, which involved some physical contortions and messing around with the camera timer. I got a few that were mediocre but don't show the shawl very well, and several accidental pictures of my butt. 

Alas, the photo editing software I use is apparently incompatible with the new Apple OS. By "incompatible" I mean that I imported my raw files, and every time I tried to fix the color balance, the whole application crashed. This happened over and over. Stuart figured it was just outdated, so he got an upgrade (Adobe upgrades are NOT CHEAP YO) and the same thing happened. Over and over. 

It's frustrating. Look, I know in the grand scheme of things, annoying photo software that has no real bearing on my well-being really isn't worth getting too upset about. But it still bugs me.

I ended up using the Photos application, which sucks for editing, at least compared to the software I've been using for the last 3 years. So phooey. The photos here turned out kind of cool, but you can't see the actual project very well. You'll just have to take my word for it that it turned out really, really beautiful even if the pictures suck.


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