Hodgkin's blanket is done!

Oh, I like this SO much better than that lace design, don't you?

Pattern: Mine (see below). It's just chunky basketweave in chunky yarn with garter stitch all around.
Yarn: Cascade 109, 8 skeins in sky blue. I think the color is pretty accurate in these pictures. I ordered 10 skeins, so I have 2 left. It's wonderful wool; I don't know why Cascade is discontinuing it.
Needles: size 11, for a gauge of 3 spi

The blanket is lap-sized, roughly 36"x50". I haven't measured it exactly, but I think it's the right size for suggling under to watch a movie or read a book.

This was an easy knit, of course. I'm not normally a fan of chunky yarn, but it works for blankets, and the gauge meant I was able to finish the project relatively quickly - not in time to get to M before starting chemo, unfortunately, but I think she'll appreciate it all the same.

This pattern is so easy it's hardly worth repeating, but here you go anyhoo:
With chunky yarn (3spi) and size 11 needles, cast on 109 stitches.
Slip first stitch of every row purlwise to make a neat edge.
Knit 8 rows of garter stitch (4 ridges).
K5, [K9 P9] 4 times, K9, K5
K5, [P9 K9] 4 times, P9, K5
Repeat these last two rows until you have 12 rows of the established pattern, then swap the knit and purl stitches (except for 5-stitch garter border) until your blanket is almost long enough, or you're running out of yarn (whichever comes first). Knit 8 rows of garter stitch and bind off.


Dee said…
That is so pretty and it looks warm too. I really love the color.

Dee Anna
Anonymous said…
Hooray! Great stuff.
Doesn't it feel fabulous to finish a blanket?
Lady P said…
Glad to have finished aren't you? I love the meditative state you can get into when knitting a pattern you grow to know by braille..
Anonymous said…
It is beautiful, and you did a beautiful job all-around, especially getting the frame of garter stitch worked out.
Steph said…
Pretty pretty!
Anonymous said…
Did you use straight needles or round?

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