someone has a birthday coming.... we made cupcakes!

Oma's here for the occasion! She let Daniel lick the spoon with batter on it (I never would have allowed it on my own.)

She made both those sweaters in the picture below.

Let's have a closer look at that sweater Daniel's wearing:

It looks so nice on him. Too bad he'll probably outgrow it in three weeks.

Anya has a sweater her Oma made her, too. She's too little to refuse to wear the clothes I put on her. (I really should knit her something.)

What am I knitting? Blankets, blankets, blankets. But I am ripping one out and there's too little of the rest to show you, so that will have to wait.


Mrs. Allroro said…
OH, how fun! A visit from your momma! She is still so beautiful. I get to see my momma in a week.

Whose birthday is it?
Suze said…
Daniel's birthday is Saturday. Guess I should have said that :)
Anonymous said…
Happy (belated) Birthday to Daniel!

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