We're on the tail end of a big snowstorm here. I think at least 6" fell over the last 12 hours or so. It's like a nice little reminder that up north, Spring is still a ways away. I bought the spring Interweave Knits the other day, though, purely to daydream about warm-weather knits. I think there is only one pattern I would consider making (this flutter cardigan shrug thing, surprisingly). I'm sure I won't make it, though, because I don't have yarn for it in the stash and we just bought a new car (red Prius. Love. It. and by the way it handles just beautifully on slick, snowy roads) so the "no buying yarn for a while" thing is for real now.

I am about to finish several projects, but none are photo-ready at the moment. The Hodgkin's blanket is done and drying from its spa treatment (sounds so much better than "steaming" don't you think?) and it's really beautiful. I might make another one to give to my brother, too, but do you think that would be too much? Too matchy-matchy? Or totally appropriate since he's going through this whole experience, too? Seriously, I can't decide. (In case you're just tuning in, my brother's girlfriend just started chemo for Hodgkin's disease and the blanket is for her.)

There's a purple cardigan for me (!) that just needs blocking, seaming, and a collar. And a red tank top that needs sewing up and would have been done weeks ago except that I probably won't be able to wear it until June (stoopid Wisconsin). And a hat that I started just for the sake of a brainless stash-busting project.

So hang in there with me, y'all. I will have lots to show you soon.


Yay! congrats on the prius. I now have car-envy!

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