update on my mom, and swatching issues

So my mom had her surgery this morning. It went okay, but there was more damage to her leg than they originally thought, plus they found osteoperosis. The latter isn't a big surprise, since her mother had it. She'll be off her leg for longer than the previously prescribed 6 weeks, though - more like 8-12.

I, for one, am going to start taking calcium and make more of an effort to exercise. It feels practically impossible with ice-covered streets outside and two young children to take care, but by golly, it's important! Time to dust off ye olde running shoes.

I got a few interesting comments on my gauge question yesterday. And this morning, after finishing up a couple pieces for a community blanket, I pulled out some yarn that I was hoping to make into a spring sweater and did a swatch. I tried size 6 needles first, then thought the fabric felt a little stiff, and switched to size 7 needles.

Then I washed my swatch, squeezed it out and set it on a towel.

Holy moly did the thing stretch! The size 6 portion went from 24 st per 4" to 21 st per 4", and the size 7 went from 21 st per 4" (which is what I was shooting for) to something like 19 st per 4". The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold bambool, and it's so, so lovely and dreamily soft and wonderful, but I guess that 80% bamboo content (the rest is merino) accounts for the stretching. It's not quite dry yet, so I might just throw the thing in the dryer for a few minutes and see what happens.

ETA: 10 minutes in the dryer (regular setting) helped a bit. I think I'll go ahead with the sweater as planned, and I'll just be sure give it a few minutes of tumble-drying every time I wash it to make sure it doesn't eventually become a tent.

Gah. This is why you shouldn't trust plant fibers.


Mrs. Allroro said…
I have bamboo socks and I love them. Don't give up! (I didn't make my socks...)

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