gold medal? for mocs and socks

I finished my knitting olympics project, with even a couple hours to spare. Here's the last part of it:

Pretty unremarkable, no? I think these are the most blah socks I've ever knit - vanilla top-down, no pattern to speak of socks in the least appealing beige color on the planet. But they are done and in the future they will keep some child's feet warm in Afghanistan (where, I hope, the color will compliment a little better the indigenous complexion than mine). Unfortunately, while these socks were done in time for the Olympics, they didn't make the deadline for the Afghans for Afghans March 1 campaign, so I'll just hang onto them until the next go-round. (I sent the sweater and hat a few days ago, so hopefully they made it in time.)

I'm really lousy with html, so I'm not posting a picture of the Knitting Gold Medal, but I'm not sure I deserve it anyway. The Knitting Olympics was supposed to be a real personal challenge, and I have to admit this wasn't. I mean, it was a challenge getting through the stress of these last couple weeks, as well as the month ahead of me, but that is for reasons unrelated to knitting. And it was certainly a challenge to finish these projects without getting all distracted by other projects that may have been more tempting, but when it comes down to it, a simple child's sweater, hat and socks in 17 days was totally doable. Kind of like getting the gold medal just because everyone else got disqualified for some reason.

Stuart had his own project, though: a pair of moccasins! You have to understand my husband is not inclined towards the needle arts. At. All. So I was kind of surprised when he ordered a leather moccasin kit with the intention of making the mocs himself. "Fun and easy to make!" the instructions promised. Stuart wasn't so sure he found it either fun or easy, but with a lot of help from my mom (my parents are here for a few days to visit), he figured it out and ended up with quite a nice pair of moccasins.

He uses them for cold-weather running. It's another chapter in the saga of eschewing conventional running shoes (read teh book Born To Run and you'll feel the same way) in favor of running barefoot and in Vibram 5-finger shoes, neither of which are a viable option when the temperature outside is below about 35 degrees.

Anyways, now I need a new project. What's it going to be? Lace? Cables? Fair isle? Perhaps even a steeking project? I don't know yet, but my fingers can't stay idle for long!


Jessi said…
In all honesty, fair isle is the reason I am trying to learn to knit. If someone would invent fair isle crochet, I'd be on it so quick...
Anne Campbell said…
You for sure deserve a medal! Keeping going on boring knitting is one of the biggest challenges around, in my opinion. And those are such worthy things to make! Now you get to have some knitting fun - it's great thinking about possibilities, isn't it?
Lindsey said…
I love love those moccasins! Where did he get the kit?

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