constant interruption

Y'all, snow on the first day of spring makes me grouchy.

You know what else makes me grouchy? Constant interruption. Yes, this is a fact of life with small children, and I know it's a really petty thing to complain about. And I've learned to be more patient about it.

I've been trying to cut out a skirt for two days now. It's got two layers and a lot of pieces, so that is Reason #1 the cutting out is taking so long. Reason #2: constant interruption. It's frustrating, most of all because I get really grouchy with myself for wanting to be left alone so I can do something selfish like make myself a skirt that I'll have little occasion to wear.

Anyway, despite the fact that I'm not even halfway done cutting out the pieces, I've discovered my new favorite sewing tool: the tracing wheel.

Tracing the pattern on the fabric before cutting it out is so much easier, faster and more accurate than using pins. The empty jam jars are functioning as pattern weights there. I haven't sewed anything for myself since I made a maternity dress when I was pregnant with Daniel. I hope I remember what I'm doing! If I can get more than 10 minutes at a time to work on it (see why I knit so much?) maybe I'll have a new skirt by the time the snow melts.


Anonymous said…
Cool, a tracing wheel sounds FAST.

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