tiny hat

Stuart's cousin had a baby yesterday. Usually this is the sort of occasion that calls for a lot of celebration, but little Calla Jayne was very, very premature. I believe Julie was about 26 weeks along when she started going into labor. They held it off for a few days - and every day counts at this stage - but yesterday there was no stopping it. So far, everyone is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but they could all use our thoughts, hopes and prayers (if that's your thing) for a little while.

Last night I had the strong urge to knit her something. I wanted to do a baby blanket, but I don't have enough of anything soft enough for a preemie, and anyway, a blanket would take too long. So I made a hat.

The yarn is a bit of Dale of Norway Lerke, from the remaining part of the skein I used for one of those pups. I didn't have a pattern, just did a 4 stitch garter band for the bottom, then picked up stitches along the selvedge edge and knit the rest in the round in st stitch. There are two tiny ladybug buttons where the garter band is joined. This wee hat is about 11" around, and it seems so impossibly tiny, yet it's probably too big for a baby who weighs just under 2 lbs. I'm debating making another slightly smaller hat out of some sport weight cotton I have, but I really want to send this off to Kansas today...we'll see.


Jessi said…
I will be praying for Calla Jayne (whose name I am in love with)and the hat is very cute.
Rosemary said…
Having just going through a round of making tiny hats for my newest niece, your family and the new wee baby is in my thoughts. I made a quick 2x2 ribbed hat out of cotton blend sock yarn and it was the hit of the Boston NICU.
Suze said…
Rosemary, I had thought I saw some preemie hats on your blog. How early was your niece born? And how is she doing now?
Julie said…
I just got the hat today. I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to have Calla wear it (she probably does need to grow before it will fit, but hopefully it won't be too long!). I'll make sure to post a picture of her when she wears it. Thank you for thinking of us and for making the hat. It was very sweet, and seriously, it is perfect. Thank you so very much!!!
The Boccias said…
Julie told me about the hat--super cute! You do such great work!
Knit said…
Very nice .. I will share with my friends. Thanks

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