winter necessities

I finished those socks for Daniel. These pictures are not great, but then, neither are the socks.

They fit and they will keep his feet warm, but the yarn, which looked so pretty and colorful in the skein knitted up...well, a bit ugly.

He seems to like them, though.

While I'm showing you small, boring projects, here's a pair of mittens I finished for Anya a couple weeks ago.

Daniel's socks and Anya's mittens are a great example of getting what you pay for. Those socks are made from Fibranatura Cobblestone, a sportweight superwash merino wool. It wasn't exactly cheap, but it wasn't top of the line, either. I knit those socks totally out of necessity, though I could have just gone to REI like a normal person and bought some good smartwool socks for the same price and saved myself a few hours of quality knitting time. The yarn for Anya's mittens, on the other hand, is Mountain Colors River Twist, another merino yarn (this one isn't superwash, though) that is also multi-colored, only instead of being mediocre and borderline ugly, River Twist is gorgeous and soft and a total pleasure to knit, even if it's just a plain old pair of mittens. Especially if it's just a plain old pair of mittens, actually. Yes, it costs more than twice as much per ounce, but when you consider the valuable time spent hand-knitting an item, it's really worth it.

I knit and I knit and I knit. I knit all the time. I think about knitting all the time. It's an obsession. I'm no dummy, though. I am self-aware enough to know that right now time spent knitting is a substitute for time I used to spend at the piano, and that's why it plays such a big part in my life right now. I can knit while I am home with my kids. I can NOT practice the piano when I am home with my kids. When I started this paragraph, I was going to write about how sometimes I knit purely out of necessity, meaning that I make things like hats and mittens and socks because they are necessary for keeping us warm, not because they are the most interesting things I could be knitting. But there's another meaning to knitting out of necessity. Right now, knitting is a necessity for my own sense of accomplishment and achievement. Even though I often knit for other people, knitting is all I have that is totally mine.


Jessi said…
That's sort of bittersweet. I like it. Good post. And I kind of dig the socks. They are wacky.

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