final FO of 2009

The blog may have been silent the last week or so (holiday busy-ness), but my knitting needles haven't! Remember how I started a new sweater the night before we left for Kentucky last week? It's done.

I love it. Luuuuurve it.

Pattern: Tall Flower Cardi (that's a Ravelry link) by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. She's a regular designer for Classic Elite Yarns, but this pattern is published independently. I found it while poking around on Ravelry. (A person can spend a lot of money that way...)
Yarn: Berocco Peruvia Quick, about 6.5 skeins. It is soft, lovely wool, and I love the dark heathery red/burgundy color.
Mods: The top of the buttonhole band has a funny tab across the neckline to make the cardi asymmetrical, but I left it plain. Otherwise, I had no modifications other than yarn substitution. The designer calls for a worsted weight yarn doubled, but I had this yarn already and it was just right.

Not a bad way to finish up the ought-oughts, don't you think?


Mrs. Allroro said…
I love it too! It's a good birthday present to yourself. I love the neckline and the length.
Jessi said…
Beautiful! It's so you. Can't wait to see the first one of 2010!
Wow! That's some fast knitting. You are a sweater knitting hero. My last one took me 8 months. Happy belated birthday, and happy new year!
gay said…
i'm with you i love this too! it would make a great sweater coat made longer and i am always looking for the perfect pattern for a sweater coat!
Dee said…
I love this sweater! It looks great on you.

Dee Anna
Stormdrane said…
Nice sweater, and it does look good on the model. :)

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