It's knitting weather

Pardon me for cross-posting (I just put this up on Madtown Mama), but dude, check out the blizzard we're having!

I'll say this about Wisconsin: there's no half-assing winter around here.

Last night we had a blizzard. I'm not sure how many inches of snow have fallen, but it's enough that we can't open the back door.

The entire state is in a snow emergency. Snow emergency! Garrison Keillor once did a bit about how the men of Lake Wobegon love snow emergencies because it makes them feel so manly and important. I admit there is something a little exciting and awe-inspiring about the sheer volume of snow that has fallen in the last few hours.

Schools all over the state are closed. Even the UW is closed, the first time that's happened since I moved here over nine years ago!

But Stuart will be going to work. I wish he wouldn't. I wish he would use the weather as an excuse to stay home with us today and play in the snow and help me entertain the kids (who, by the way, got up at 4:30 this morning and refused to go back to bed even after we begged with them to.) I mean, the University is closed, for goodness sake! But Stuart can walk to work, so as soon as he and Daniel have shoveled a path through the heaps and mountains of snow off the back deck and front porch, he'll trudge to work like a good employee.

I'm not sure what we'll do today. We'll stomp around in the snow some, because it's not actually that cold out there yet, though we can't be out there for too long because the snow pants I ordered for Daniel haven't arrived yet. I have bread to bake, and maybe we'll make cookies, too. I'll try and come up with some crafty projects for the kids; we may even get out the glitter glue and poster paints. And I'm sure I'll resort to letting the kids watch the Curious George DVD a little too early and for a little too long. But that's okay. It's a snow day.

ETA: Here are a few more pictures! Also, all the city buses have stopped running for the day. That's never happened since I moved here!


Dee said…
I miss WI not at all when I see those pics, although it really is beautiful, so maybe I miss it a little. Winter in KS is so brown and icy.

Dee Anna

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