1. The new Knitty is up. I find it rather underwhelming, like usual. I know that everybody has particular tastes in knitting patterns, and I find a lot to appreciate about Knitty, like that it's free and anyone can submit designs, not just the professionals. But overall the patterns just don't inspire me.

2. Today is Anya's second birthday. We kept it very low-key here, and I'm glad. She's too young to understand fully what's going on and our house is too small to host more than, like, 2 guests at a time when we can't be outside, and anyway, Christmas is just around the corner. So I made her favorite food for dinner (homemade noodles with marinara sauce, broccoli on the side, white velvet cupcakes for dessert from The Cake Bible)...

...and then she opened her presents and that was that. Actually, the first thing we opened was her birthday card from my parents, and she was so busy playing with it that Daniel got impatient and started opening presents for her. Despite that, I have to say I was really really proud of Daniel this evening. He was pretty tired by the time we got to presents (he doesn't nap anymore and tends to crash early in the evening, especially if he's been playing outside like today) but he played the older brother role very well and didn't grab or interfere [too much] with his little sister's new things.

Anya doesn't have a clue how to blow out birthday candles, and Daniel helped her with that, too.

We actually have about two dozen photos of both Stuart and Daniel demonstrating to Anya how to blow out birthday candles; put together those pictures make a pretty funny slideshow. She didn't really get the hang of it...

3. We've been enjoying the snow. It's been relatively warm the last couple days, with temps hovering around freezing, so the snow is wet and thick and perfect for building things like forts and snowmen.

Yesterday my friend Stephanie came over and we built a giant snow person. It started off as a snowman, but then I decided to accessorize with a yellow scarf and vintage apron, so Stephanie added hips and ample bustline, and now we have a snowlady. Daniel was very excited about the carrot nose.

4. On Saturday I met Susan B. Anderson, author of Itty-Bitty Toys; she was doing a trunk show and book-signing at a LYS here in Madison. She is super-nice and I had a great time, but I'll say more about that later. I recently finished a project from her latest book, but there is so little daylight and it's so wet and gray outside I haven't been able to get any decent pictures. Arg. At some point I'll do an FO post with a short review of her book (which is fabulous).

5. This morning I finally mailed off yarn to the winners from my contest. Sorry it took so long, everyone! The winter weather last week really threw us off-kilter. I didn't have time to put together fun packages with little notes or anything, so you'll just be getting a padded envelope with a wound up skein of yarn. They should all arrive by Thursday this week.


Anonymous said…
Those are some adorable kidlets! And how important to have candle blowing-out instruction.

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