Little hat, cont.

Despite a doctoral recital this past weekend, and decent progress on the Top Secret gift projects, I managed to get some work done on Daniel's hat:

I had originally intended to shape the top like any other hat, with regular decreases to make it round like the head of the intended wearer. However, by the time I'm done with the color design, there might be too much hat for that, and it would look a little goofy. Perhaps I should have done a smaller hem? Should I rip it out and start over? Nope, I've got a better idea: Do the whole thing in an un-shaped tube and then do a three-needle bind-off across the top so it looks like a flat seam, stick a couple tassles in the corners and voila! Another design a little too cute for an adult but mighty cute on a babe.

Unfortunately, when I set it on my son's head, it looks like it might be a little small. The stockinette hem and two-color pattern probably won't stretch as well as ribbing would, so this hat may be gifted to a younger baby in a cold climate. I'm not enough of a perfectionist to frog a hat if there aren't mistakes in the actual knitting. Not to worry. I have plenty of hat-appropriate yarn in the stash to try something else for my little boy, and in the meantime he does have hats, just not any extra-warm ones.


Thorny said…
Ooh, I've been doing a lot of contemplating stranded colorwork - that hat looks like fun! I bet the 3-needle bind-off will be the perfect way to close the top, too.

Who knows - maybe after washing and blocking it'll fit the wee one just fine!
Old Knitter said…
I'm thinking...think of the hat top in two sections....4 every other row increase at the end of each of the four wouldn't have to do too many rows. It should start forming 'ears' on each side. Do your 3 needle cast off and the tassles will go on the ears you've created.

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