Let's have a Mini-Meme to start things off!

I don't want to do a whole 100 Things About My Knitterly Self, so we'll start off with a baker's dozen to get things going.

1. I learned to knit from my mom at the age of 8 or 9. It was a 4-H class, and I was very impatient. I think that out of the four years I was a "4-H knitter," I finished my project the first year only. They were garish yellow slippers made out of Red Heart acrylic and I never wore them.

2. I don't really like most knitting blogs. Most of them are either frankly boring or too indulgent, like "Lookie! I bought a whole bunch of expensive yarn and this is what I'm making out of it for myself!" I'm not sure why I think mine will be any different...

3. I do, however, read the Yarn Harlot's blog, as does every knitter in the universe who's heard of the "internets"; currently, my favorite thing about her is that she refers to non-knitters as "muggles."

4. I always have about half a dozen projects going at the same time. It keeps me from getting bored.

5. I rarely knit for myself. I think this is mainly to assuage guilt I may have about the money I've spent on yarn.

6. Currently, my favorite things to knit are baby items because they go quickly, make great gifts, and sizing is flexible.

7. I go in and out of sock phases. I made some Gryffindor sox for my cousin's 30th birthday in May, but the well has been dry since.

8. I've never knit a "cozy" for anything - not a teapot, an iPod, a cell phone, a wine bottle - and I never will.

9. Even though I don't much like knitting blogs, I'm starting one anyway because I want to document the things I've made and share the stories behind them. Plus, on the off-chance other knitters in cyber-space actually read this blog (which they probably won't), maybe I'll get some good feedback and advice and that would be cool.

10. Favorite yarn: I've always like Baby Ull by Dale of Norway, even though it's teeny weeny, because it is SO soft and doesn't pill. I made a pair of socks once that went through a hot wash cycle and the dryer more than once and they held up beautifully. Those socks, as it happens, are one of the few projects I've made for myself.

11. Favorite needles: Meh. Except for socks, for which I use DPNs, I always knit with circulars, but I'm fairly indifferent to brand and what they're made of.

12. Biggest knitting disaster: sweater for a boyfriend in college. That was before I knew that knitting for a boyfriend is guaranteed to doom the relationship, or so they say. Sure 'nuff, we broke up soon after I finished it. I'm sure he never wore it. It was out of stiff, scratchy wool that my mom had in her stash, and I think she told me later she thought a mouse had gotten into it at one point (if chewed ends of yarn and mouse turds in the skeins are in any way an indicator). R, if you're reading this, rest assured I didn't find any mouse turds, and if I had, I would have picked them out, and anyway, like I said, I'm sure you didn't wear it.

13. My knitting hero is Elizabeth Zimmerman.


annalu alulu said…
On number 11: I remember one time seeing your mother at your house knitting a sweater for that cousin as a graduation gift, and she was using circular needles.

Yay. The first comment is knitting-related, and made by a muggle.
Suze said…
whee! someone's reading this! you rock!
Steph said…
I am the cousin, and I still have that sweater Mary Ann knit me for my high school graduation even though i'm thirty now!

I am also planning on wearing my Griffindor socks today.

AND--oh, I am going to get so much crap for this--I am currently knitting a tea cozy. Yes, it's true. My tea has been getting cold and I had some leftover yarn from a baby sweater. Unfortunately, I think there's some error in the pattern because last night my decreases got all screwed up and I had to FROG. On a COZY.

I haven't told my spouse about the cozy yet because he is as Muggle as the Muggles come and will mock me and think the wool fumes have gone to my head.
Jenn Hacker said…
I'm a Muggle who wishes she had paid attention many years ago when my mother tried to teach me to knit and crochet. Alas, now it is too late, so I will have to live vicariously through you and your knitting blog. Knit on, Sistah Suze!
Thorny said…
Yay! You have a knitting blog!!

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for, well, many of them. I just get all inspired seeing all the things other people are working on. I love seeing all the different ways we all approach this our little hobby, which can essentially be broken down to nothing more than "knit" and "purl".

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