Another little hat

My baby boy (the model for Little Elf) needs something to keep his own noggin warm. Despite these two major gift knitting projects that are getting most of my attention these days, the nippy Wisconin fall weather set the wheels a-turnin' for a new hat.

And not just any hat. I know I said hats are boring, but come on! That was two weeks ago. Fickle? Me? Why, yes.

Besides, while it's true that I find some hats boring (re: plain old stockinette stitch from bottom to top), hats can be wonderful ways to try out a new yarn or a new technique or stitch pattern. This project, for instance, is going to be an exercise in two-color stranded knitting. I've done this before, but I'm not very good at it, plus I just learned about the concept of color dominance and am eager to try out the theory.
It took a couple tries (re: false starts) to work out my plan, so I'm afraid this is all I have to show you:

The yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo in heathery blue and creamy white. I don't know the official names of the colors and the labels are long gone. Stash-buster--whoohoo!
The needles: Size US3/3.25mm Takumi bamboo 16" circular.
The plan: I want this hat to be extra warm for the coming Wisconsin winter, so I'm knitting a fairly dense guage (26st=4" in st st, 28-29st=4" in color pattern), making a turned-under hem for double-thickness around the bottom, and working a fair-isle type pattern (two colors=double the yarn=double the warmth) above the hem.


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