Beads and Bamboo

I've had this bamboo yarn sitting around for a while. I originally got it thinking I would make a tank top, but for some reason the Inspiration for the right pattern never came to me. Then I started a bag, which looked stoooopid, and then a lacy scarf, which also didn't look right. Then I got to thinking: beads! Bamboo yarn is sort of exotic, yes? And beaded knitting is uncharted territory for me. So I went to a craft store yesterday afternoon and picked up a few packages of shiny beads. (I had the baby with me, and BOY did he like all those shiny strings of beads. He kept wiggling out of my grasp trying to grab at them.) It was hard finding beads that had holes big enough to thread a tapestry needle through. Jo-Ann's is a big place -they actually call themselves a "Superstore" - and I felt a little dirty going in there, like I was going to Mal-Wart, but I wanted cheap beads for this first experiment.

I like what I've come up with so far, don't you?

I've learned that bamboo yarn holds up really well. After being knitted and frogged multiple times, not to mention having several dozen beads strung onto it, this yarn has yet to split, fray or show any signs of weakness.


canadahauntsme said…
Charming! And I wasn't aware of other definitions of the word "frog." Did you know it is also used to describe the lower part of a bow for a stringed instrument that fastens the hair? Amazing!
Suze said…
did you know it's called frogging because when you're un-doing knitting, you "rip it, rip it"?

yes, i knew about frogs on stringed instruments...but it took me a while to catch onto what they were talking about!
Anonymous said…
Go to Google.


define: frog

into the search field. You will be amazed by the number of definitions.

Steph said…
what is the pretty beady thing going to be when it's finished?

i listened to conductors tell string players to "dig in down near the frog" for years and never ceased envisioning little amphibians clinging for dear life to the end of the bows.

you should put a link to this blog on your madtown mama sidebar, yo. so we can all just click our way here easily.
Suze said…
"bob" i did just that and i found it interesting that the definition for frog, the amphibious animal was NOT the first on the list. and the knitting definition was nowhere to be found, either. huh.
Jenn Hacker said…
It's so pretty, Suze. What's it going to be? Beaded sleeve-ends on a teeny tiny child sweater? (oh, wait - choking hazard. Can't be that), Cute beaded hat for little girl? Cute little knitted/beaded purse? Knitted/beaded scarf? Tell us, please! Inquiring minds want to know!

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