worry knitting

Wow, I feel like I have some catch up to do. I have some finished projects, including one success, one fail, and one that's sort of both. There's also a new test knit coming down the pike, plus I've been having lots of fun with the new sewing machine and a few projects with that have been started, finished and sent out the door without even a picture for nostalgia's sake. Such is life.

Yesterday, though, my focus was elsewhere. Yesterday Daniel had surgery. It was a minor, outpatient procedure,  a redo of ear tubes and adenoidectomy he had 2 and 1/2 years ago. I don't know if the fact that this was round two made it more stressful or less, to be honest. This time the logistics of childcare meant that I took Daniel to the hospital and stayed through the procedure on my own, without Stuart, since he was hanging out with Anya. Stuart was also traveling for work several days this month, so I haven't had much of a break anyway.

I don't know if going it alone made it better or worse. I do know that I was having a slow-motion panic attack pretty much the whole day. I could barely eat and I spent most of my time trying to breathe deep and keep my perspective. It was hard. I could even hear the nurses whispering about me. It's not like I couldn't keep it together, but I probably did a look a little pale.

I've been exhausted all day, and I know this is both from waking up far too early this morning with both kids (why, oh why do they get up before 6:00 on a SATURDAY??!) and coming down from the emotional stress of yesterday. I want to spend a day alone with some hot tea, a good book, and no interruptions. From anyone. I'm not going to get that any time soon, if ever, so I'm making due with cups of hot tea while I fold the laundry and knitting when I can steal a minute. 

This is what I got done yesterday in post-op:

Mindless sock knitting in bright, self-striping yarn. I called it my "worry knitting," because my brain couldn't do much else while I was waiting and watching and worrying.

I'm happy to report that things are going well today. Recovery is going faster and more smoothly than last time, either because Daniel is a couple years older and able to heal faster, or because the procedure was a bit less involved than last time. Maybe a little of both. In any case, it's a good thing he's got the weekend to rest up and take it easy with the rest of us. 

Everything is going to be OK. And I think these socks might get done in no time.


Renee said…
Even "minor" surgery can take a lot out of us, so do find a little quiet when you can. Glad you had such cheerful knitting to keep you company!
Anonymous said…
Good to hear recovery is going well!

May I ask what kind (brand and name) of yarn that is? I'm looking for sock yarn that makes WIDE stripes. Felicity does but I hear they are closing that out. Is that Felicity?

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