starry hat progress

Daniel asked me to make him a hat and he has been quite specific about what he wants on it: gold stars. We picked out some yarn, I drafted the color work and a few days ago, I finally cast on.

There are two different blues, so I used them color-block style with the lighter shade on the bottom. Day-into-night kind of idea, even though the medium blue isn't really as dark as a night sky.

You can see the star pattern a little better in the picture below, though of course since this thing is still on the needles it's all bunched up. What looks like a rolled edge will actually be a short hem that is turned under.

Here's a peek at the inside. Check out those floats! I was carrying yarn over more than a dozen stitches in some places. It makes the tension a little tricky, but I think with a good blocking everything will smooth over. Also, I intend to line the hat with fleece to make it extra warm, not itchy, and to hide those crazy floats so they don't catch on anything. (Otherwise I would have caught the floats with the other color every few stitches.)

This little hat is actually turning out better than I anticipated, so I am planning to write up the pattern and put it up here. Right now it's to fit an 8yo boy with a 21" head, but it should be easy enough to adapt to different sizes.


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