PSA: more destash

My mind is on hyperdrive. I can't sleep and I've got ideas coming into my head way faster than I can act on them. I want to knit everything, sew everything, grow everything. It's actually kind of paralyzing because I don't know what to do first and it's hard to prioritize when every new idea that pops into my head seems like the best one at that moment. I have slightly heightened anxiety, too, due to some minor outside stressors. I promise it's not really anything for y'all to worry about, but I'm sure that's contributing to the insomnia and this overwhelming feeling that I need to be productive all the time so I don't just stew in worry.

Also, the spring equinox is nigh and it's making everyone a little extra squirmy! While I pull out all my fabric and yarn and contemplate what to make next, I've been going through and adding some things to my destash page. The last destash announcement went pretty well, so I want everyone to know there's still some good stuff there. Today I added a whole bunch of KP Palette, tons of colors and at a very good price (just saying.)


Lisa said…
Part of me wants to buy it all, but I think Nick might complain about the amount of yarn I'm hoarding. But I loved your suggestion about the crappy yarn I have. I think I'm going to start a knitting group at my school!

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