the latest

Here's what's new in my creative life:

1. I have a new toy, one that's been a LONG time coming. It's very exciting and deserves its own post, so you'll hear more about that later.

2. Thea just released a new sweater pattern, Paloma It's a deliciously squishy bulky cardigan and I was one of the test knitters. I had some issues with the sleeve cap shaping, so mine's not done yet but I'm hoping to bang that out over the weekend and have pictures to show you soon. 

3. While I waited for 3/4 of my Paloma test to dry (I always always always wet block sweater pieces before sewing them together), I finished the starry hat for Daniel. The stars look way better blocked, as you can see.

At least, I thought I was finished. I designed it with a slight hem to turn under so I could sew a fleece lining on:

…but that didn't work out so well. It was all lumpy. I carefully picked out the stitches and tried again, this time with stretch thread (which I have just discovered thanks to Rae!) and it looked better, but still not good enough. See how it flares at the bottom? I don't like it and I think that a turned hem with lining just doesn't work. Plus, after all that the hat is a little too short for Daniel (this after I'd ripped out the decreases because it was originally much too tall!)

I can't leave this as is, but I don't want to rip out the whole thing. So I'm planning to thread a lifeline somewhere in the light blue area and CUT IT OFF. Gasp. I've never actually done that before. Then I'll  knit down in a 2x2 rib until the hat is an appropriate length and find a nice, stretchy bind off to finish it. I still want to put in the fleece lining for warmth and the anti-itch factor, but I'll have to re-think how to do that. I might end up sewing it in by hand after all!


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