wintry mix

What a winter! The weather all across the country has been extraordinary: severe drought in the west and southwest, ice storms in the southeast, nonstop snow up the east coast and brutal, biting cold here. I suppose that all things considered, subzero temperatures aren't as bad as ice storms and blizzards (we've had our fair share of snow, to be sure, but only a few inches at a time). Today, though, we are on the edge of a nasty storm that is dumping what they call a "wintry mix," a little of everything - rain, snow, sleet - which makes for lots of unpleasantness on the roads and sidewalks, especially when you add it to the slushy slop that has been accumulating this week thanks to some long-awaited warmer temps.

To add to my general desperation, I'm home with a sick kid again. Poor Daniel has had a bad run of it this month. I've had to cancel things and re-arrange my schedule yet again, and when you combine that with weather that is truly crappy…

At least I'm nearing the end of this little test knit:

It's a color work cowl from babycocktails, and she's showed some pictures of her version so I think these little peeks of mine are okay. It's knit in a long tube and then grafted together. I'm using a wool/alpaca blend yarn, so this will be extra warm, which is just what I need. (The white yarn you see there is called "wintry mix", which I think it appropriate!)

We could see lows back down to zero and below again next week, so I will certainly have opportunities to wear it yet this season.


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