It's been a crap week, I'm sorry to say. Nothing too horrible, but frustrating and stressful all the same. I will probably feel a little better if I take a shower and clean the house, but first I'm going to show you my latest favorite hat:

It's a(nother!) test knit for Thea. Unfortunately, the pattern is only available if you buy the yarn from the Plucky Knitter at her booth at Stitches West, but here's the link anyhoo.

I just used some Ultra Alpaca from the stash, which worked out nicely. I've been wearing this hat a lot and even gotten a few compliments on it. The stripy cable going down one side kind of gathers the hat a bit, which is a nice feature.

Now I'm going to go take a shower and do something productive while I daydream about planting tomatoes and avoid looking outside because all the snow blowing around is just too depressing right now.


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