Daniel's favorite color these days is gold. It's been his favorite for a little while now, come to think of it, since I remember going to the credit union for 7 dollar coins for his 7th birthday last year. His birthday is on the 7th of February, so last year was his golden birthday and therefore extra special and deserving of $7 worth of coins the color of gold.

This year for his birthday, I made him some gold socks. 

Don't worry, he got a few things more interesting than socks. I know better than to think socks are a really spiffy gift for a boy turning 8 these days.

And actually, these were supposed to go in his Christmas stocking but they didn't get done in time. I kitchenered the second toe the night before his birthday. Great timing, yes? I'm surprised they aren't too small already.

But he does like them, and even sat still for about five minutes this morning before school so I could take about three dozen pictures of his feet. All of those pictures were terrible except for these three, not that these are so great, but the color is generally right and the socks aren't blurry or obscured by shadows, so I'm going to call it good.

The yarn is something hand-dyed I bought at a vendor's booth someplace years ago. There's no pattern, just 2x2 ribbing over 64 stitches with short-row heels. Short row heels are starting to grow on me, which is surprising. I tend to stick with what I like, which until recently was your good ol' trusty reliable eye-of-partridge heel flap with picked up stitches for the gusset, and it's not as though I've sworn those off completely…but the short-row heel is quick, works beautifully for socks made using self-striping yarns (doesn't apply here, of course) and it fits the foot just as well, as far as I can tell.

I've got some more test knitting in the works, but there will still be some small projects to show you here and there. Here's a teaser for one thing I'm working on:


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