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I hope y'all are all sitting down because…


Actually, this one's been done for a couple weeks, but the pattern was just released a few days ago, so I'm allowed to air it publicly now.

Introducing Mango Smoothie! The latest sweater design from babycocktails.

This sweater is pretty much the perfect project for the kind of winter we're having in Madison (which is the 3rd coldest city in the entire U.S. Yay for us!…???). It's been so FREAKING cold and every time the temperature warms up to the double digits it starts snowing. I'm building up some upper body strength with all the shoveling, and my cold-temperature threshold for running keeps inching downward.

Also, I have been indulging in frequent daydreams of vacations in tropical locales. (Not on a cruise ship though, not in a million bazillion years. Yucko.)

So anyway, why is this project so perfect for a particularly cold, snowy winter? Because, it is a fast knit in bulky yarn that is also flattering, that's why! If you're cold, pull out your big yarn and big needles and cast on for this sucker because in a short week (or two, depending on your speed and sweater size) you too can have this lovely, warm sweater to cozy up in while you drink hot tea and stare out the window longing for spring or walking your children up the hill to school or shoveling the latest snowfall off the driveway. If you're me, anyway, that's what you'd be doing in this sweater.

Aside: I told my husband, who really isn't the artistic type, to try and take some photos with good angles and framing. The one above isn't bad except for the dried flowers pointing at my crotch. Nice.

Another aside: I've also been playing with the editing features on iPhoto to try and improve the color and contrast quality on these pictures. It's a process. I have a lot to learn.


Pattern: Mango Smoothie by Thea Coleman of babycocktails
Note: this is a test knit. I do a lot of test knitting for Thea, have you noticed?
Yarn: Northampton Bulky, 6 skeins and I mean exactly 6 skeins. This was the smallest size.
Note: the original design calls for Berkshire Bulky, which is a better yarn for this design. The single ply makes the textured stitches show even better plus it comes in so many colors and is priced so well I don't think you can go wrong. I had Northampton in my stash, so that's what I used.
Mods: My gauge was a little tight, but since I prefer a more fitted sweater, I just added a little more shaping to the bust area (my bust needs all the enhancement it can get!) rather than rip and start over. I would love a looser version of this sweater, which is Thea's intention. I may knit another someday, but I've got so many new projects I'd like to start, another Mango Smoothie may have to wait until next winter.


Anonymous said…
The sweater is lovely and the pictures are great!

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