looking forward to spring

Y'all it does NOT feel like spring is coming. We've had another deep freeze this week. I finally had a morning off from my regular work/volunteer responsibilities, and out of desperation I tried to go running. And I mean I tried. Typically, if the weather is less than optimal and I go running anyway, I don't regret it. I'm always glad I did. But today? Today was miserable. I put on my running clothes in double layers and did some housework while I waited for the thermometer outside to register above 10 degrees. When it finally did, even though the wind chill was hovering around -10, I put on my balaclava and wool mittens and left the house, skidding over an inch of solid ice before heading east, straight into a headwind that numbed my feet and had me gasping for breath so badly that after a mile and a half I gave up and turned around. Better than nothing, right?

This winter has been so long, and so cold, and so full of unusually bad weather. It's discouraging both on the personal level (it turns out that regular exercise is pretty important for my general mood) and beyond (is anyone else TOTALLY FREAKING OUT about global warming, or is it just me??!! Because we should really be freaking out, people. This is Bad with a capital B).

Two things keeping me going are knitting/general crafting and my busy schedule. Seriously, even though I have somewhere different to go and different music to play from day to day, it's at least keeping me occupied, if not completely fulfilled. And when I get home in the evening, sometimes after everyone else has eaten and gotten ready for bed, I have knitting and TV to unwind.

The other thing that keeps me going, craft-wise, is dreaming about all the projects I intend to finish in the near future. That swatch you see there in the picture has progressed to about half a sweater I'm test knitting. Daniel wants a hat. I need some socks. So does Anya. And after a dry patch of a few weeks, I'm getting the itch to do some sewing (more on that later!)

As hard as it is to believe, I know spring will come…eventually. In the meantime, knit on!


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