loving the hand knits. or not.

This is the best time of year to wear knitted stuff. Lately, Anya is particularly fond of a blue sweater my mom made for her last spring:

I'm so glad my girl likes the things people make for her. She often asks to wear the brown sweater I recently finished, and occasionally she still stuffs herself into her yellow Sweet Peasy, though by now it really is too small.

Daniel doesn't have much use for hand knit sweaters these days. He has a fleece jacket to wear on the way to and from school on chilly days, and he's too warm inside to wear anything but pants and a t-shirt. It's not as though he has any fat to spare on him, either; little boys just run warm, I guess! Still, he fully appreciates all the hats, mittens and socks made for him by me and his Oma.
Also, he likes raking leaves. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Then there's my husband. Remember how I worked so hard to make him that zip up cardigan last spring? I even consulted him on pattern and yarn color. Well, he wore it a few times, but then it got warm and now I think he's forgotten he even has it. A few weeks ago he picked up a jacket at REI that is essentially the same thing - blue, long-sleeved, zippered - only it's made out of polyester fleece instead of wool yarn and he's hardly taken it off. I'm not too upset about this, actually. He never asked me to knit him a sweater. I wanted to knit him a sweater, and I thought that if I at least made sure to get his approval on pattern and yarn choice, he'd like it more than the over-sized fair isle monstrosity I made him more than a decade ago. I think it's fair to say the more recent sweater is at least acceptable, but if he rarely wears a sweater he ostensibly approves of, this may mean I am married to a man who simply doesn't like sweaters. I suppose it would help if I made that collar just an inch or two taller and put in a new zipper to accommodate, but even so, I doubt he'll wear it much. Okay, so now I know. I'll stick to making him the occasional hat or pair of mittens when he asks for them (which he has, once or twice) and save all my mad sweater skillz for me and other people in my family.


Jessi said…
I am surrounded by people who don't appreciate crochet as much as I. Which is okay, I make them stuff anyway. ;)

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