rainbow feet

Here are Anya's rainbow socks:

She is very happy to have them:

Now Daniel is quite impatient for a pair. Good thing I ordered extra yarn!

Pattern: None, just generic socks. CO 56 stitches, short-row heel (not my favorite, but it preserves the stripes), wedge toe with kitchener stitch
Yarn: KP Felici fingering in the aptly-named "rainbow" color way
Needles: size 1, and my gauge was ridiculously tight, about 9spi. I think I'll have to CO 64 stitches for Daniel's socks to fit, and that is normally what I cast on for socks that fit me!

I'm itching to dig into another big and/or complicated project. I've been trolling Ravelry for good accessory patterns, and have become a little obsessed with designs by Mandy Powers from Zigzag Stitch. I have her book, as well as several individual patterns, and my only problem is deciding what to do first. And with what yarn. I've got all kinds of single skeins of worsted weight wool in my collection, perfect for color work, but with winter around the corner I'm tempted to try a pair of mittens or a hat in alpaca or at least an alpaca blend for more warmth. I may be over thinking this...perhaps I should just dive in!


juicyknits said…
Zigzag patterns are great. I also love her collection. It'll be interesting to see what you choose to knit first.
Naycha said…
I think if I had a pair of rainbow socks I'd look as happy as your pretty Anya.
cheap wow gold said…
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wheatgerm said…
I need some new socks

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