We had a great Halloween, I promise. But I didn't get a single picture of it, not even Daniel's homemade skunk costume (I sewed fake fur on a black hoodie and it worked swimmingly), because sometimes I just don't have my shit together. Also, the kids were off school for a teachers' convention and my parents were visiting and we celebrated my mom's birthday...so I was just too busy to get out the camera.

There was knitting. I finished a couple of projects. One is for Anya and it's crap so I'm going to rip it out and make something else with the yarn. The other turned out really nice but I have to keep it secret until Christmas. Next up is a test knit so I shall continue to be elusive about my current projects.

Meantime, I had some fun enjoying our last nice day of the season (I assume it's the last since we're in November already) in the back yard with Anya. We raked up a big pile of leaves and took turns burying each other in it. Good times.


Julie said…
It sounds like a lovely day, and I so appreciate your candidness in not having your shit together. Love the skunk idea, I'll have to tack that one away in my brain. I hope the test knit is interesting and rewarding!

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