rainbow socks

I am so very close to being done with that test knit. Not that I could show it to you just yet, and in any case, I was a skein short to finish, so I had to order another. It pains me rather to pay so much shipping on a single skein of yarn, but the alternative is to buy a lot more and right now with the holidays coming and the giant stash I already have...I just couldn't.

Meanwhile, both of my children have asked me to knit them socks. What color? I asked. Rainbow! They both replied. I'm not a big fan of carrying along more than one strand of yarn for a pair of socks, even for simple stripes, so I thought I'd give Knitpicks Felici a try. So far I like it. I only wish the sport weight Felici came in colors that didn't look like ass. I'd like to make slightly thicker socks as well for those cold walks to school in the winter - not to mention circulating recall petitions all day in the cold, wet weather like at tomorrow's rally (like how I sneaked that in there?) - and you'd be surprised how hard it is to find sock yarn that is thicker than fingering weight. Believe me, I have looked!

Aren't these cheerful colors? I'm doing a short-row heel. I much prefer the look and fit of a heel flap, but for self-striping yarn, I knew the stripes would get all distorted in the heel and gusset area, so I opted for this instead. It took me two tries and a google search for a tutorial (I used this one and it was extremely helpful; I highly recommend it!) but now I'm cruising right along.


juicyknits said…
Those colours look fun. These will be socks that make one smile.
beth said…
"really, ass?" I thought. "surely the sport weight colors aren't that bad when that rainbow fingering is so nice." Nope, you are right. Ass.
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely stripey wool. What is it called? My son wants some just like these. Thanks.
Suze said…
Sadly it's a discontinued yarn-KnitPicks Felici. There are so many indie hand dyers out there I bet you could ind something similar on Etsy though.

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