test knit finished

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Ours was lovely. We didn't travel or have visitors. The four of us enjoyed a lovely, somewhat unconventional meal of chicken adobo (so much easier than a whole turkey), risotto (because my kids don't like mashed potatoes, I kid you not), challah (we're not Jewish, but I do love challah), sweet potatoes and carrot sticks. Then we sat around feeling bloated for a little while before going to the park and enjoying pecan pie and apple pie with the family across the street.

The weather wasn't exactly nice today, but it was mild enough outside for Stuart to clean out the gutters one last time. I also sweet-talked him into taking some pictures of me in my new sweater, which is beautiful and fits wonderfully and I've been wearing it all week...and alas, I can't show you yet because it's a test knit and the pattern hasn't been released yet.

Daniel wanted in on the photo shoot and even brought out his camera on a tripod. I love the serious look on his face here:

Sometimes he really is just like a little grown-up.


Naycha said…
What a handsome little man you have there! Can't wait to see the new sweater!

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