something new

The other day, I cast on something new, a top-down tee from a booklet published by Classic Elite (this one).

I'm using Frog Tree pima silk in my very favorite color: a deep, true of course it's impossible to photograph well.

The other night I missed a yarnover in the lace part, and I said "Oh no! I have to tink!", which was no small thing since as you can see I am well into the raglan increases and each round has hundred of stitches. Stuart was highly amused with this word. "Tink?" he said, "What does it mean to tink?" I explained that it's "knit" spelled backwards and it means picking out your knitting one stitch at a time. "I thought you knew that," I said. "I know what frogging is," he replied, "but I've never heard of tinking." (You see, he does listen to me every once in a while when I talk about this stuff, which I try not to do too often because let's face it - knitting lingo is boring to a non-knitter most of the time.) "So why can't you just frog it? Why do you have to tink?" he asked me, and I explained it would be too hard to get everything back on the needles if I frogged.

Everything is back on track now, I'm happy to say, and I'm almost ready to divide for the sleeves. This should go fairly quickly, though knitting with sportweight cotton is a little hard on my hands.


Anonymous said…
So true about red! It seems like it's impossible to get a photo that both shows stitch detail and conveys how red the thing really is. I've had the same problem with orange a few times, too.

This was an entertaining conversation to read about. Beth and I share a common knowledge of knitting jargon, but we had a similar conversation the other day in which Beth properly used a technical term related to home brewing, and I was pleased to realize she listens sometimes when I talk about that other hobby :-)
Steph said…
That pattern is gorgeous. If I had the motivation to knit anything right now, I might try it.

I have to confess that I had never heard of "tinking" either. But I think it's brilliant.
Jessi said…
I never thought of that. It's things like this that scare me off of knitting. With crochet, you can rip and you only have to find one little loop when you get back where you wanted to be. Much less scary than tinking. Wow.

Gorgeous pattern though!
Rainy Daisy said…
What a cute summer knit. And I'm always impressed when my hubs picks up a knitting word or two. It makes me think maybe I'm not as looney as I sometimes think ;)

canadahauntsme said…
Very cute. I love the color. If it makes stuart feel any better, I wasn't aware of the phrase "tink" before either. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to "knird" some morning coffee...

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