another scarf

I feel so ho-hum about scarves. I mean, they are absolutely necessary up here, and they're the perfect accessory, and there are many beautiful ones out there. And you can't beat scarves for gifts; everyone wears them and you don't have to worry about fit. But Good Lord can they be boring to knit. Row after row, inch after inch of the same damn thing. (Usually, I mean. There are notable exceptions, a couple of which I have knit.) This doesn't stop me from making them, though. Some I make for warmth, some for decoration. The scarf I made on vacation was definitely the latter:

It's not very wide or very long, and the simple lace pattern is broken up with a few rows of st st, so it wasn't even that tedious to knit. I started it on the plane when Anya fell asleep on me and finished it up at my BIL's house, where I was careful not to leave it within reach of the many little hands there!

I used just under 2 skeins of Elsbeth Lavold Bambool, leftover from my Millefiori cardigan from a year ago. I love that sweater, and I'm amazed it has kept its shape so well, given all the bamboo content in the yarn. (Don't worry - I won't wear them together!)

What is there left to say? Easy pattern, quick knit, perfect for vacation when you're focused on traveling and kids and a million other things.

Pattern: Penebscot scarf, available free on the Knitting Daily website (click here and scroll down to the group of 7 patterns)
Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Bambool (80% bamboo/20% merino wool, DK weight), about 2 skeins in a light herby green
Needles: size 6...I've been using Knitpicks Harmony needles lately and I really like them.


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