3 days

That's how long it took to knit this vest:

I started it in the car on the way to Milwaukee last Tuesday, and finished the crocheted edging Friday night. Yes, I crocheted!! I had to make a special trip to Joanns to go buy a big ol' crochet hook because I didn't have one big enough for the bulky yarn, and I had to look up instructions for a single crochet edging (seriously, it doesn't get easier than that), but it wasn't hard and I am happy with the result.

I used leftovers from my Tall Flower Cardigan, which I wore so much over the past few months since I finished it that it's already starting to pill and sag. It is delightfully warm and cozy, though, so when I thought it would be nice to whip up something for Afghans for Afghans with the four or so skeins leftover (waaaaay overestimated what I needed for that sweater, obviously). I used less than 3, so there is still one leftover. It's like the yarn that never ends!

Pattern: Abrazo from Knitty Fall 2008 ...I think this is the first pattern from Knitty I've ever made.
Yarn: Berocco Peruvia Quick, about 3 skeins in a dark heathery red
Mods: I had to modify for gauge (the pattern calls for super-bulky yarn, about 9st = 4", and mine was 12st = 4"), but that was easy enough. I just cast on enough stitches to get a 28" circumference and left out some of the waist shaping. This is intended to fit a young teenager, perhaps a 14yo girl. I can get this on, but it's a little short on me.


Jessi said…
Okay, it's totally not fair that you are crocheting and I still haven't figured out how to purl!

Congrats, though, and it is really nice.

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