baby shower panic

This Saturday I'm going to a baby shower for our soon-to-be-ex-babysitter. "Soon-to-be" because even though she is absolutely awesome and the kids love her, she IS having a baby in a couple weeks (planned c-section because of some complications, but everything should be fine) and she'll be too busy taking care of her own baby to come take care of mine. I knew she would be having a shower, and she told me we would be invited, but I only got the actual invitation last Saturday.

A week to come up with a nice gift: enter panic mode. Because even though I have known her due date for a while and knew there would, eventually, be a shower, and I even knew the baby's gender (girl), I didn't get a head start on anything. Yes I could buy a bunch of onesies at Target and call it good, but I think hand-made gifts are more meaningful, and for someone who has been such a big part of my own kids' lives for the last nearly 2 years, I really want to give her something nice.

And did I mention that she and her husband are both from Brazil? And that they are moving back there at the end of the summer? She tells me that it is always hot and summer-like in Brazil. So much for nice wool sweaters and warm flannel blankies. Last weekend I looked through just about every baby knitting pattern I've got (and that's a lot, believe me), and I found exactly ONE that seemed appropriate:

This is the Spring Garden Tee from Never Not Knitting, and I'll do a proper FO post for it in a day or two. I was outside starting to take pictures and I saw my neighbor outside and suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious, so I ducked inside. Though he was watering his bonsai garden and usually has a good 4" of plumber's crack showing, so I don't know why I felt that way. All part of my neurotic week, I guess; I've been sick off and on for almost a week, and much of my crafting has been conducted through a haze of Tylenol Cold and Thera-Flu (the latter is much, much more effective, though it tends to make me have hallucinatory dreams...)

But a little old tee shirt that baby girl will grow out of before they jump hemispheres seems insufficient somehow, so I decided to make her a quilt, too. Because even I have my limits as to how much TV I will allow my children to watch during the day, it's not quite done, but here's a little preview:

I'd like to finish this quilt tonight. Then perhaps tomorrow or Saturday at the latest I can do a proper FO post for both of these things.


Caffeine Girl said…
The quilt is to die for! I love your sense of color! Must repeat to myself: no new new hobbies...

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