goodies in the mail

A couple weeks ago, some lovely crocheted goodies from Jessi arrived in the mail. They are part of a crafty pay-it-forward/tag/exchange thingamadoodle we did last year. I sent her some yarn dyed with Kool-Aid, and she sent me these lovelies:

1) A rainbow-colored gift bag. I love its cheerful colors and green ribbon with blue dots. Problem is, even though this is a gift bag, I can't imagine actually giving it away. Here it is displayed on the handle of our new storm door (the old one rotted out and then blew off during a particularly strong gust of wind a few weeks ago):

2) A red flower...headband?

...or is it a necklace?

I thought headband at first, but Jessi referred to it as a necklace, which is funny because I am more likely to wear it as a necklace and she would be more likely to wear it as a headband. Good thing it works either way. I love the natural button in the middle. Totally my style. Last week I was wearing this when I took the kids to the midweek farmers market and my favorite vendor - we'll call her "C" - just gushed about it. C would wear this as a headband. I'm thinking of putting this to a vote. Well, readers?

In other news, I'm in "go" mode for all kinds of quick projects, preparing for baby showers and young birthdays galore, though cold drippy weather has me much more in the mood to knit myself an aran jacket in a dark, brooding chocolate brown. This leaves me paralyzed with indecision, so during tonight's episode of Lost, all I could do was knit a tiny pink swatch and stare at it for a while. Hell, maybe I should just forget about all that and cast on another pair of socks.


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