what are YOU not taking pictures of?

You know, there are days that just kind of suck. I know I am lucky for lots of reasons and should count my blessings and all that, but that doesn't change the fact that when you've been taking care of sick kids for two weeks and when they finally start feeling better they spend the entire day whining at you and then fall asleep just minutes before you're supposed to take them to the sitter you were finally able to reserve so you could practice for a couple of hours (which, by the way, doesn't begin to make up for the two weeks you missed due to reasons stated above)...I won't bore you further. Let's just say I think I deserve these few minutes at the computer while he-who-is-away-at-work-for-10+-hours-a-day reads bedtime stories. You know. Now that I'm done cleaning the kitchen by myself and all.

So, wow. It's February. Already. Groundhog Day, even! According to the proverbial rodent, spring is just around the corner. He didn't see his shadow in these parts, anyway, but then, up here, true spring is a long time coming. At least we're noticing a little more daylight and the temperatures occasionally creep up to the freezing point.

But anyway, now that's it's February, I realize I've finished at least 2, if not 3, knitted items and still had zero change to photograph them. There's a nifty little scarf/shawlette I whipped up at least a month ago. There's Redhook, which is done and blocked and has been worn many times already. There's the orchard wool sweater, which is nearly done, and those nutty orange socks nearing completion. I sewed a sweet spring dress for Anya. I have been dyeing yarn with Daniel...all this done without photographs because of lack of time, lack of good lighting, you name it.

So what about you? What have you been knitting or crocheting or sewing or otherwise creating?


Rosemary said…
So far this year I've finished socks, a sweater, and a little something for Miss Z's first birthday. I even managed to photograph most of it, but I put the camera cable in a safe place several weeks ago and only found it this morning. If I get home at a decent hour tonight, I will post some pictures.
Not a darn thing.... not even the batches of homemade goodies I had promised to send before the end of 2009.... and it's now the second month of 2010... mea culpa, mea culpa!
Mrs. Allroro said…
I mended a pair of my Daniel's pants--let them out a little to accomodate his booty--and concocted a curtain for our classroom (sewed two crib sized sheets together, after taking off the trim, letting out the pleat at the top, and re-hemming them, all to make them long enough). My first creative project with my sewing machine. (Not my first mending, that is to say--not that this project showed creativity).
Anonymous said…
A quilt for your little Anya. Half of 48 colorful blocks done.


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