Cedar Leaf Shawlette

Last Sunday I wheedled my husband into taking a few pictures of me wearing Redhook, but I think he ran out of patience with it. You know, he understands that knitting it an important part of my life and he never says anything about how much yarn I have -except the one time a couple weeks ago when he was looking for a lost something-or-other and searched the entire house, closets, nooks, crannies and all and commented, "I've discovered your various yarn stashes." That's right, stashes. As in, plural. *Insert retreating, sheepish expression here.* For a guy whose creative outlets are limited to computer programming and roasting coffee beans, he is very understanding about all the knitting I do.

However, getting him to take pictures of me wearing stuff I knit is like pulling teeth. I feel silly posing for pictures and he doesn't experiment with cool angles or anything. So when I make a sweater for me (which I've done a lot in the last year or so, haven't I?) I'm lucky to get one good photo, and it is guaranteed to be straight on with a goofy smile. Sometime I'll figure out the timer function on the camera but it's not worth it now when it's still so dang cold outside.

All that is the long explanation for why my new favorite favorite scarf has just one picture, and it's clearly one I took myself. C'est la vie.

This is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. I wear this just about every day, and I get lots of compliments. The pattern is so clever; the scarf is knit longways with shortrows to make it wider in the middle, and the leaf edging is knitted on. The yarn, Manos Silk Blend (50/50 silk and merino) is lucious. It's rather expensive and rather stretchy, so I would never use it for a sweater, but for a small project that goes on one's neck it's wonderful. I used 2 skeins plus a few yards of a third, so I'm not sure what to do with the rest. It seems too precious to waste!


Jessi said…
Ooh. Ooh. Wristlets!! Have I mentioned that I am currently obsessed with wristlets? Hmm. Have I? Well I am and I've made them for others, but I still don't have any for me, so let me live vicariously and make some matchy wristlets.

Now, I will calm down. I promise.
Caffeine Girl said…
The shawlette is beautiful! It's on my queue and I even have yarn. We may have to meet when I run into trouble with it!

I have not forgotten the babysitter issue. Turns out my daughter's friends have largely moved away from sitting. But I have a few leads.
I agree with Jessi. Some matchy-matchy wristlets or gloves would be glorious with that scarf and I'm sure the stretchiness would be wonderful on your hands!
Anonymous said…
Get your son to take pictures. He often manages to get some good ones!
Suze said…
Mom, I think if I let Daniel use my new camera to take pictures he might be so excited he'd wet himself. But then I'd have to let him use it every day! he has his own little camera, but the picture quality isn't nearly as nice.

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