I finally got some pictures of the last few projects I've finished recently. I think I'll post one at a time. You know, just to drag it out.

Let's start with some socks, shall we? The orange socks are done, as you can see.

They remind me a bit of a favorite poem from an old issue of the High Five magazine Daniel gets in the mail every month:

Oranges are orange outside and in.
First you have to peel the skin.
Then you pull the sections loose,
and eat the part that holds the juice.

It only took about 3 weeks to knit these from start to finish, and that was with some sweater knitting (not sweater finishing, though) included, too. There was no particular deadline, but I felt in a hurry to finish these socks, perhaps because it is often the case with me and socks that once I put them down, the pair never gets done. This may explain why I have several single socks languishing among the unused sock yarn in my stash.

Golly these are bright, aren't they? The stripes of different oranges just about make me cross-eyed if I look at them too long, but I find the garish colors almost therapeutic this time of year. The yarn is 100% superwash merino hand-dyed by a woman in Madison, but darned if I can find the label, so I can't tell you the actual name of it. The colorway is called "squash" if I remember correctly.
ETA: I know I bought this yarn at Lakeside Fibers, and I've seen it at The Sow's Ear, too. Madison knitters, help me out here...

It's funny how I have books full of fancy pants sock patterns, and half the time I knit plain old socks without a real pattern because it's just easier. Sometimes you need a challenge, sometimes you don't. You let the nutty colors of the yarn do the work for you.

Anyway, these orange beauties are bound for Kansas, where my cousin Stephanie can wear them around the house, or under her vegan boots, or wherever she likes. I have a tradition of knitting her socks for her birthday (except last year when we dyed sock yarn together instead), which isn't until May, but wool socks would be more useful to her now, so I shall send them to her this week. I suspect she won't mind.


Jessi said…
Anyone would love those lovely bright socks, but I'm sure that Steph will especially appreciate them.
Caffeine Girl said…
Those are great socks! I don't know of any Madison dyers, but I'd love to find out who did that yarn. That rich warm color is perfect for February gloom.
Steph said…
Not minding in the slightest. :) It's freaking cold here.

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