let the games begin

Folks, the Opening Ceremonies started about 20 minutes ago. Approximately 5 minutes ago I made up my mind to do it. I'm joining the knitting olympics.

More later. Gotta go knit.

(P.S. Does anyone else think it was extremely poor taste for NBC to show footage of that awful luge accident over and over and over? I mean, someone DIED.)


Caffeine Girl said…
My TV wasn't working Friday, so I missed the footage -- but it sounds inappropriate.

I joined Ravelympics at the last moment, too, and plunged into a pair of mitts without looking for errata. Big mistake!
Dee said…
After accidentally watching the first time, I had to cover my eyes about 12 times to avoid seeing it again. Why would anyone want to show or watch that was my question.

Dee Anna

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