We were on vacation with my parents and brother in Door County last weekend, and it was just lovely. We spent a morning at the Whitefish Dunes State Park:

(The tall guy in the red shirt is my brother Joe.)

We saw and climbed the Cana Island Lighthouse:

We also ate a lot of greasy fish and visited a cherry orchard and built a campfire and found many other beaches because Daniel's very favorite part of vacation, besides taking pictures with his camera, was building sand caves with his Uncle Joe. Thank goodness the weather held out!

Even though the last thing I need right now is more yarn, I didn't want to leave Door County without finding at least one yarn shop. On the way out Monday morning, when we dropped off the keys for the vacation rental house, one of the owners of the rental company saw my mom knitting and struck up a conversation. As it turned out, there was a very nice LYS only three blocks away from where we were parked, so of course we had to go. Spin (they must not have their own website yet) is just as nice as any of our shops (nicer than some, in certain ways) in Madison. It's housed in an old bank building with yarn in the old bank vault, tons of classroom space on the second floor, and the nicest staff ever. I was trying to be good, I really was, but I ended up walking out of there with a skein of sock yarn (Malabrigo sock! You can't buy that here in Madtown!), the new Made in Brooklyn booklet, and enough yarn to make one of the sweaters from it. Sigh. I just made my mental knitting queue even longer.

Also, I finished a sweater in time for vacation:

Pattern: Big Lace Pullover from the CEY booklet "Summer"

Yarn: Classic Elite Sprout, about 7 skeins

Needles/Gauge: size 10.5, and I guess my gauge was okay because the sweater fits!

Mods: None, though I substituted yarn. The pattern calls for Pebbles (cotton/acrylic blend) doubled, but I wanted to try Sprout, the chunky organic cotton new from Classic Elite, so I used that instead. It's soft and wonderful.

Daniel took some pictures with his own camera. I like seeing the world from his view, and some of these turned out well in their own quirky way, so I'll share with you:

Can you believe summer is almost over?


Dee said…
I love Door County (and hate it some too) but Whitefish Dunes is one of my fav memories as a kid.

I didn't knit when I was there so I have never been to the yarn stores but I really want the Made in Brooklyn booklet. Which sweater do you have the yarn for?

Dee Anna
Suze said…
Dee Anna, I want to knit EVERYTHING in the booklet, but I bought some Moorland for the cap sleeve cardigan (I forget the specific name for it.) I'm with you on the love/hate thing. I can do without the silly souvenir shops, but all the outdoor stuff is great (orchards, beaches, lighthouses) and I do love me some fried catch of the day!
Caffeine Girl said…
I am so jealous! Of both your vacation and your sweater. Both look wonderful. I miss vacations with little kids. I'm planning a little outing with mine (ages 19 and 21) and it's a challenge to find something everyone will like!
Anonymous said…
I remember going to Door County with my grandparents when we first moved up to MN (before then we would have had to travel all the way from NC...much too far!). Beautiful place.

The sweater looks lovely!

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