if I weren't a knitter...

If I weren't a knitter...

...Daniel would have to find something besides all my DPNs to stick in the couch and pretend are birthday candles.

...I might have a bit more spending money.

...there wouldn't be a stack of yarn in the basement.

...there wouldn't be a stack of yarn in my closet.

...there wouldn't be 3 unfinished sweaters next to my bed.

...the house would be cleaner.

...there would be a little more room on the shelf that is currently occupied by pattern books. Okay, a lot more.

...Christmas might be a tad less stressful in the gift-giving department.

...I'd spend my nursing time with Anya reading the news online instead of cruising Ravelry for patterns I don't even care about.

But then again, if I weren't a knitter...

...the baby gifts I come up with would be a lot lamer than they are now. (They might also be given in a timely manner.)

...and I wouldn't have anything to do while we watch TV in the evening!

...I couldn't make beautiful things like this:

...and Daniel's feet would be cold:

...I wouldn't have a reason to go to the café with my knitting friends tonight.

If I weren't a knitter, I wouldn't really be me.


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