may the FO parade begin

Believe it or not, I'm a little backlogged on finished objects here at Mad Knitting. There are certainly times when I'm not knitting enough, or not knitting enough that is interesting, rather - I'm always knitting - to post with as much regularity as I'd like. Lately, the FOs have been happening, but many are for me, which means I can't get good photographs until Stuart can take them, which would usually be over a weekend. Plus, and let's keep this between you and me shall we? Stuart isn't the best knitting photographer (surprise, surprise). He'll want to take a goofy straight-on shot of me standing by a tree and won't try interesting angles or poses unless I suggest all of them and that makes me feel pretty self-conscious if I'm the one modeling the knitwear. (Where's Jared when you need him, eh?) This is why you see plenty of relatively good shots of my kids wearing knitted things, but few of me.

Still, I've got something to show you. Here's that "Just Enough Ruffles" scarf from a couple weeks back.

I made it for my brother's girlfriend, who finished an absolutely grueling 6 months of chemotherapy in mid-July for Hodgkins lymphoma. Cancer sucks, what? Let's hope she's through with it forever.

I used Manos Silk Blend, 2 skeins in a brilliant, deep blue. Funny story about that. I got to the part where you increase for the ruffle, which entails tripling your number of stitches. I was well into the second skein and I said to Stuart, "I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn." His eyes grew wide with fear. "Really?'re selling yarn on craigslist!" he finally gasped. Obviously, he missed the point. I said, "No, no. I'm afraid I'll run out of yarn for this project."

(Well. My knitting friends thought it was funny.)

Pattern: Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau of Cosmicpluto Knits. Great, great pattern. I highly recommend it. (In fact, I've already made a second, but I haven't blocked it yet.)
Yarn: Manos Silk Blend, 2 skeins. Wonderful, delicious yarn. I would never use it for a sweater (it stretches and pills), but it's soft and shiny and gorgeous and perfect for this. I used size 9 needles.
Modifications: None. This pattern is perfect as is.
Made for: MJ, for healing and hope and keeping her neck warm. That's where the tumors were, after all.

Next up (assuming quality photography happens): a sweater for me! Or maybe even two!


katie said…
love it! i already went and downloaded the pattern. thanks!
Jessi said…
Beautiful. Also, I thought the running out of yarn story was fabulous. I am working on a baby afghan and told Bob that I am going to need to go buy more yarn for it. And he said, can't you just finish it with something you already have? Um. No. Cute, silly men.
Anonymous said…
It looks lovely!

I have the same problem with my spouse when it comes to taking pictures. It's part of why I decided to start doing the 365 self portraits project, so that I could get better at taking the pictures I wanted (with me in them) without having to ask him to do it.
Suze said…
Whitknits, that's so cool! I have 2 problems with that particular project (though it would be good for me): 1) the timer on our camera is insanely complicated and 2) you can bet if I left our nice camera unattended for more than .2 seconds with the kids around they'd grab it and start pushing buttons and it would be all over. Sigh.

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