knitting miscellany

1. I still don't have a shawl pin for Sassymetrical, but I've decided it's too short. A little cropped is okay, but this is too much. I have almost a whole ball of yarn left, and I plan to rip out the bottom seed stitch and make it longer. Daniel agrees with me, for what a 3.5yo opinion is worth. Anya thinks it is fun to try on my clothes:

2. The purple cardigan is still sitting in a bag waiting for buttons and the collar to be blocked. I guess I'm dragging my feet because it's just not sweater weather yet.

3. I finished another ruffly scarf, though it needs blocking and the ends hidden. I'll show you both of them soon.

4. I've been feeling impatient lately. I want my house clean NOW. I want to get Jared Flood's new Made in Brooklyn booklet NOW. I want to make another new sweater NOW (even though I don't want to wear sweaters now...) So I started a new sweater in soft chunky yarn, and it's going pretty quick. Here's the second sleeve:

I started with the sleeves instead of a gauge swatch. Because I'm that impatient. In fact, I'm so impatient I still haven't really measured for gauge. I just put the sleeve on my arm and it looked okay so I'm going ahead with it. The pattern is from a Classic Elite booklet, and it calls for a lightweight cotton blend doubled. I went with their new yarn Sprout instead, an organic cotton in chunky weight,and it's really, really nice. I just hope a lace-patterned sweater in chunky cotton looks cool instead of stupid. (I'm optimistic.)


Anonymous said…
I think the sleeve looks terrific - lace in a chunky cotton will make it lighter, so less sag. Great idea!

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