vickie howell

Guess what? I just met Vickie Howell! The encounter was completely random, too.

Here's how it happened. This morning the kids and I met my friend Pat for picnic and playtime at Bernie's Beach, which is a park right next to Lakeside Fibers. I didn't pick the place because it was next to Lakeside, believe it or not. I picked it because it was convenient for Pat (she had other errands in that part of town today) and we really like to play in that park. We were there for at least three hours building with the sand, exploring the playground, and eating our picnic lunch. Daniel and Anya got completely involved in building a mound of sand and digging a cave with waterways, then scooping water from the lake.

Anyway, by the time we were done with playtime and eating, everyone needed the bathroom and Daniel was asking for cocoa, so we went up to the café. There was filming equipment everywhere, and people walking around who looked more like TV producers than knitters - not that one can't be both, but these folks were obviously not scoping out the yarn selection. I went to the bathroom to change Anya's diaper and when I came out, I saw her! Vickie was sitting right there and a blond woman was putting make-up on her. I dived right in. "Are you Vickie Howell?" I asked. When she replied in the affirmative, I asked what was going on. She answered briefly that she was filming a promo with Lands End for a charity (I think Warm Up America) and then we had a whole conversation about redheads. You see, it is impossible for me to go anywhere with Anya and NOT have multiple conversations about red hair. (In fact, it was, like, my third one of the day. There's just something irresistible about Anya's hair, I guess.) After a minute I realized I was probably intruding or possibly getting annoying, so I thanked her and left to find Daniel and order our drinks. We got to watch a few minutes of filming from our table in the café, which was neat.

And now I would dearly love to sit down and work on a sock I started last night, but alas, I can not. We're having a dinner guest and I have to scrub the bathroom, make dessert, and clean up the rest of the house.


Caffeine Girl said…
I am just green with envy! I never run into celebrities. I can see how Anya's red hair would spark conversation.

Full disclosure: I had not heard of Vickie Howell, so thanks for cluing me in!
Steph said…
This is what I love about the knitting world: in how many other fields of fame could you just walk up to a celebrity and ask her her business while she was having her makeup done?

I've never seen Vicki Howell on TV or anything, but I've heard of her in blogs or book or something. Isn't she some uber-cool knitting hipster type?

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