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Stuart has spent the whole afternoon on kid duty so I could paint one of the bedrooms in our house. That room has needed new paint since we moved in five years ago, but this, that and the other kept us from getting around to it. Having two kids and living in a small house makes for constant shuffling around of beds and furniture, and even though we won't be living in this house for too much longer (economy willing, we'd like to move closer to family), I still want to invest a bit in making things look a little nicer. New paint and some curtains will go a long way, so I'm starting with the room the kids are currently sharing. I wrote that whole long post on style the other day, and the color I chose for the walls is just SO indicative of the way I do things. I was toying with bold, daring colors like deep turquoise or navajo orange, but thought better of it and ended up settling on something called "Mountain Getaway," which is really just a nice neutral sandy beige, like toasted almonds. I'd like to put up white curtains and get some pictures framed for the walls.


Remember the Classic 150 cardigan? It would be done by now except for two things: 1) I need 8 buttons for it. That's easily done, as soon as I get my paint-spattered toosh to the craft store. 2) The collar is a disaster:

See that? It just rolls inside out. I haven't blocked it yet (though I blocked the rest of the sweater, and I have to say I can't recommend this yarn - Classic Elite 150 - enough. It's wonderful.), but I don't think blocking will work because it's st st with a teeny bit of garter at the edge and st st will roll no matter what. I can't decide whether to take it out and try again with some kind of ribbing or just tack it down. Thoughts? I have to make the collar work because the rest of the sweater is lovely and it even fits me.

I'll have to think about that later, though. We are off to the pool! I hope you, my dear readers, are enjoying a sunshine-y weekend as well.


It's a super cute sweater ~ I looked at the picture and it is a soft untacked down collar ~ maybe try a wetblock and mold it how you want and see if the effect is better.

I agree the Classic Elite yarns are wonderful.
Anonymous said…
You will probably have to do the collar again, but compared to having to knit a whole (almost) Celtic horse sweater again, what's a mere collar? Could you live with reverse stockinette?

Dee said…
I love the sweater, I am lazy and would try blocking the collar. Unless you really really hate it, then knit a new one. Collars are quick, right?

Dee Anna

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